Correspondence Management System

Timely response to incoming and outgoing correspondence and linking between incoming, outgoing and internal Correspondence is a crucial element of every business, but it’s chaotic in nature and multiple formats often turn correspondence management into a challenge.
Our correspondence management system are centralized and managed throughout their full lifecycle from creation, to assembly, processing, archiving, retrieving, tracking, creating reports and up until their final disposal.

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Template based creation both English, Arabic and other language


Outgoing incoming internal, internal and Ad hoc


LDAP, Office, AD, Erp, Crm and More.


Electronic and Digital Siganture, Uae Pass, Two Factor Authentication.

Report and Achieving

Dasboard, Search, Download, View, Annotate, Alert, Achieving.


Our Correspondence Management Solution (CMS) ensures seamless and cost effective management of incoming and outgoing correspondence that helps organizations deliver great customer experience, ensuring process efficiencies and compliance.
As a result, both paper-based and electronic correspondences are quickly assembled, registered and stored in a single secure repository with different levels of access where you can track correspondence’s processing progress and retrieve the files you need anytime and from any device.

Our Correspondence Management System will:

  • Automate incoming and outgoing correspondence registration
  • Ensure faster creation, assembly and delivery of secure correspondence
  • Track correspondence processing statuses
  • Notify users of any interaction and allow them to respond on time
  • Centralize archives of digital and paper-based correspondences
  • Customize access permissions by groups and departments
  • Help facilitate internal and external communication on time


  • Simple registration and correspondence management processes
  • Fully compliant with the highest information security standards
  • Integration with any system and SMS gateway
  • Smart documents search and retrieval by predefined criteria
  • Real time and historical tracking for correspondences processes
  • Support of e-signature and digital signature on cloud and on premises
  • Availability of a mobile application supporting both Android and IOS allowing you to create, register, view, search, approve and sign correspondences
  • Notification and alerts based on pre-defined business rules
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Availability of statistical reports and interactive dashboards

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