Overview of Opentext Documentum xCP Platform

Opentext Documentum XCP is designed for businesses that need to manage large amounts of content. It can help organizations improve their content management processes, optimize their content delivery, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Opentext Documentum XCP provides a secure and auditable platform for enterprises to safely store their sensitive content while still providing access to customers and partners. Opentext Documentum XCP also offers a wide range of customization options so businesses can tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Opentext Documentum xCP

  • Case management software already developed
  • "Drag-and-drop," graphic method and user interface design
  • Partnership in cases
  • Reading and annotating documents inline
  • The use of predictive analysis
  • Quickly developing applications
  • Completely customisable, cloud-ready applications

OpenText Documentum xCP

  • Work more quickly and shrewdly
  • 50 percent faster solution generation
  • Dependable, secure setting
  • Make use of the cloud
  • Simplify essential business procedures
  • Become smarter with analytics
  • Business scalabilit
  • Aim to be future-ready

Our xCP offering

  • Upkeep and Support for xCP 2.x and 16.x
  • Creation and Personalization
  • End-to-end xCP Application management
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Upgrade
  • Providing support at all levels including troubleshooting
  • Secutiry Implementation
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