Content Management

Smart Document Management System

We offer many advantages in terms of speed and quality; all acceptance and document search operations are much faster because they are centralized on a single system managing the entire work process.

Smart Correspondence Management System

A smart correspondence management system designed on an occasional code automation platform ensures effective correspondence management and offers quantifiability & flexibility to fulfill an organization’s needs

Smart Invoice Management System

Eliminate the hassle of creating new templates and rules for every single invoice layout that’s new to your workflow. Process thousands of invoices in minutes with our latest technology.

The Twigsystem’s Approach for Paperless Solution

Enterprise Content Management in UAE

Your content wants are distinctive and will not look a similar as the business down the road, or the one on the opposite side of the planet. We produce solutions that best match our clients’ desires, even once they don’t match inside the “traditional” content box. Learn a lot of about our best, full-spectrum technical documentation, software, courseware, and visual media content for worldwide market leaders.
Twigsystem will work closely with you to develop a concept that meets your objectives and supports your overall business goals. After the setup is coagulated, our team of in-house technical writers, instructional designers, media consultants, code developers, project managers, and more get to figure creating and organizing the technical documentation, software, courseware, and transmission content you would like.

Twigsystem’s Means

Our distinctive approach permits us to quickly address your immediate needs, perceive your long-run challenges and supply proactive, business-focused solutions. These vital benefits include:

  Document Creation through predefined template

  Indexing, Store and Retrieval

  Check-in / Check-Out/Inline Editing/Versioning

  Online word template editing, PDF Publishing

  Security, Role and Access Control List

  Online word template editing, PDF Publishing

  Integration with Microsoft Office, LDAP, Third Party

  Reporting, User Dashboard

  Reporting, User Dashboard

  Email Notification(Task, document Expiry and others)

  Information Right Management, Retention Policy

  Simple and Advance Search

  Both English and Arabic Language Support

  Digital Signature and Signature Management

  UAE Pass capabilities

  Two-factor authentication, SSO


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