Restaurant management system POS

A ready-made app to cater to all your restaurant's needs.TwigPOS Restaurant Management POS System is any software or program that has the ability to automate and manage complete operations. TwigPOS Restaurant Management POS System will be able to streamline operations, enhance communication, allocate orders, notify latest updates and changes, and more. It adds an abundance of different capabilities to your traditional POS systems.

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Point of Sale for Restaurant

Manage every aspect of your restaurant, drive business growth, and enhance customer experience with incredible ease.

Table Management

Add tables in the outlet and have access to manage them and edit accordingly.

Digital Menu

digitalize your menu using our HiMenus system.

Reservation Management

View all reservations being made for the outlet with full control.

Cloud Based Solution

Having all data about menus, employees, orders being hosted on Cloud.


Manage all your order channels in one centralized Cloud POS.

Employee Management

View employees for the outlet and have each of them with different roles.

Kitchen Display

Allow your kitchen staff to get orders based on their sections so the order preparation can begin appropriately.

Split Payment

Give your customers an option to split the payments amongst themselves when they dine-in at your restaurant.

Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers with points which they can redeem using HiMenus as rewards to encourage them.

Third Party Integrations

Our platform allows them to easily integrate with third party applications.

More than just a Restaurant Management System

We improve your speed of service and transform customer experience. We know time is important and safety comes first with us, you can guarantee your costumer satisfactions..


Quick Service

Coffee Shop


Restaurant Management System

Bring advanced technologies to your Restaurant with All-in-One Cloud-based POS.

Food Truck


Food Court



  • Improve Your Customer Experiences In Easy Steps
  • Easy Navigation & Browsing Digital Menus
  • Save Customer Time And Response Time
  • Simply Take Order For Any Table Or Any Customer
  • Easy To Update Orders Or Cancel Any Time
  • Better Response Time For Customer Calls
  • Flexible Pricing : per user, license , or subscription based
  • Customer Request For Payments Invoice.
  • Pro-active Local Support
  • Customizable through Graphical User Interface
  • Cataloging and Searching Features
  • Mobile Support Applications – iOS and Android

Frequenty Asked Question

  • Which is the best restaurant POS software in UAE? The POS System which is easy to use & comes with remarkable features is the Best Restaurant Management System in Dubai
  • Does the UAE use POS? The POS System which is easy to use & comes with remarkable features is the Best Restaurant Management System in Dubai for Use
  • How much does a POS system cost in the UAE? TwigPOS is very Cost Effective

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