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Managing Director at TwigSystem IT

Our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Bindeshwar Jha have More than 1.5+ Decades of experience into Management, Architect, Development, Design, Operation and Support of mission-critical enterprise applications using various intelligent bases tools and Technology programming tools and technologies. Successfully Executed projects in several industry domains, including Transportation, Insurance, Energy, Banking, Government and Finance.
Our Leadership is innovative, persistent, willing to take risks, organized, enthusiastic, focused, willing to listen to others, very good sense of responsibility and optimistic

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Company Overview

Founded in 2017, Twig System helps all size of firms and businesses in transforming their revenue using our IT-based systems and Digital Business Solutions. Twigsystem continues to develop secure, innovative and customised solutions in document and data storage and management for various industries. These solutions cover the total data life cycle and range from Records Management (Secure Document Storage & Management, Cheques Management), Electronic Records Management (Document Scanning & Capture, Electronic Document Management System-eDMS, ECM, workflow Management & Automation), Business Intelligence and Analytics, Tape Storage Management solutions, secure and authorized Shredding & data Destruction, mounted Assets Management and data Management practice.

About Twigstem company

We known for:

Enterprise Document Management System EDMS , ECM for all kind of documents and their content and making the organization Paperless.
Our Custom Software Development team has delivered many innovative solution to our customer.
Our Mobile Barcode based inventory management system make organization to manage their inventory from order an item till procure.
Our Correspondence Management System has given accurate and timely exchange of information within and outside of organization through our Incoming, Internal and Outgoing correspondence.
Our Digital Signature and Electronic Signature provide in country data residence with all the Compliance and certified with government authority and valid legally within country as digital signature.
Our Artificial Intelligence AI such as Smart Invoice Processing & Account Payable solution based solution give the power of organization to remove human error, increase the speed and efficiency of work by 90%

About Twigstem company

Why Choose Us

We deliver what others promise with on-time and reasonable range. we are armed with an outsized team of specialists in consulting, website design and development, application development, Quality Assurance, ERP, data Analytics and Digital promoting along with experience delivering projects worldwide, in quality and cloud across business verticals.


Our Mission is to grow continuously as an Software Development company serving our clients with varied services enabling them to earn better profits in their businesses.


Our Vision is to become a trusted and respected Information Technology Solution and Service provider company for delivering innovative IT solution for our client to improve performance of their business along with building the efficiency which give maximum ROI


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