Play Area / Activity Management

The TwigDigiPlayON Play Area and Activity Management System is a combination of outstanding hardware and software solutions . Create a seamless check-in and check-out experience, implement simplified time management and boost player engagement with the Achievement Module.

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Indoor Playground Management Software

Simplify your Indoor and Outdoor Play Area with our TwigDigiPlayON Software easily hasslefree with automation.

Ticket Sales

Party Booking

Real-Time Updates

Advanced Customer Management

Play Area / Activity Management

Any activities flowing into and out of the warehouse, and those that ripple out to the extended supply chain, can be improved with a good WMS from receiving and storage to picking, packing, and shipping.

Membership and Loyalty Point


Multi-Location Configuration

Point of Sale


  • Allow customers to view your schedule in real-time, book their party, and pay online.
  • Sell gift cards online, as well as memberships, classes, and camps.
  • Fast and fully featured point of sale (POS) processing and sale reporting
  • CRM(Customer RelationShip Management)
  • SMS and Notification
  • Optionally connect cash drawer, receipt printer, bar-code scanner and wristband printer
  • Customizable default sale screens based on user account
  • Customized product button names and colors.
  • Real time availability for both in house and online customers
  • Customizable through Graphical User Interface
  • Keeps track of who creates or modifies sales with date/time stamp
  • Mobile Support Applications – iOS and Android
  • Product and Item Management Dynmically

Check-In / Check-Out Module

  • Bill customers based on time spent at the attractions.
  • Provide free playtime in the Welcome Offer; bill over and above time spent.
  • Fast and fully featured point of sale (POS) processing and sale reporting
  • Charge over time spent in blocks of time or per minute charge with varying pricing
  • Bundle attractions/games or F&B as packages
  • Define and allocate tables to customers for managing pool, snooker, table tennis, etc.
  • Auto check-out customers based on pre-defined timelines

Features of the TwigDigiPlayON System Slot Booking System

  • Slots can be booked online through your website.
  • Bookings can be made by staff for walk-in guests.
  • Create as many activities as you want within your venue.
  • Check the available capacity for a specific activity and time period in real-time.
  • Guests can request operators to reschedule booked slots
  • Create a capacity restriction for your venue as a whole.
  • Add activities to a combo pack that includes food and beverages.

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