Membership Features

Membership Types

Supports: Annual, season passes, individual, dual, family, renewals and gift

Photo ID

Take and store member picture. Photos can be uploaded online or taken on-site.


Maintain ongoing memberships with recurring payments, monthly or annually.

Gift Membership

Gift vouchers can be printed, sent instantly or choose a future delivery date.

Member Portal

Guests can manage their account, view orders, print tickets, buy and renew memberships and more.


Member perks and discounts are recognized system wide, front gate, gift shops, food and online

Key Tags

Membership and season pass key tags, your guests can take them where ever they go.

Custom Forms

Customer data collection


Track member spending, develop effective promotions and more.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Guest Experience

VIP treatment offered with memberships

  • Rewards, discounts on food & gift shops, early entry, free guest admission, members-only events, unlimited options
  • Enhancing information analytics capabilities by implementing data science techniques and ml algorithms.
  • Skip the ticket line. Members can quickly scan their card, mobile QR code or wristband for speedy entry.
IT Strategies Consulting

Membership Management

Simplify membership processing with automated workflows

  • Photo Id - Take and store members photo for quick identity verification at your point-of-sale.
  • Fully integrated - Members can reap the benefits & discounts throughout your attraction, gift shops, restaurants and more.
  • Auto renewal - It's easy for your guests to maintain their ongoing membership with recurring payments.
  • Optional - Allow guests to upload their photo online
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