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No more outdated or broken features

With Realtime Updates, you'll never have to require users to refresh a page, restart or update an application.

Faster Development Time

Realtime Updates allow for a much faster development time. Gone are the days when extra compilation is needed from your team to test out various variable values.

Instant Feature Updates for Users

Realtime Updates deliver any changes, modifications or feature upgrades to users immediately – even if an application or website is open at the time of the change.

Feature Failure Mitigation

In the event of a broken or failing feature, Realtime Updates enable DevCycle's kill switch to turn it off on instantly without user action – mitigating poor user experience.

Instant changes across applications and services

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Kill Switch

If a feature isn't working right, your dev team's first move should be to turn it off and fix it for your users. With Realtime Updates, your users will not have to refresh their page or take action to update their application to see that you've fixed a broken feature. With DevCycle's kill switches and Realtime Updates, we separate deployment from release with feature flags. So if any feature release problems occur, you can simply turn off the feature and re-release it to users when fixed.

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Instant Updates

If you're never quite sure when your users will next restart their devices, you can't be certain when they'll receive any updates you've made to your app. Realtime updates mean your app's features can be changed instantly, without having to wait for a restart. So you can be confident your users are always up-to-date, even on the longest running devices.

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Test & Deploy

Realtime Updates mean you don't have to keep refreshing your app or website when testing out different variable values. Just modify the variables on the DevCycle dashboard while testing a feature and watch the updates happen in real time. You'll be able to get your work done faster and better than ever before.

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