Access control is an essential component of building security. You need a truly reliable software to manage the access profiles of different users of your facility. Our access control software (Access Management System) is a future-proof access management system for medium- to large-sized applications. It is easy to use, operate and expand. It offers the highest data security and several features found only in high-end security solutions. On top of this, the software is also open for integration with third party systems, thus making it a very versatile solution for your access control projects.

4 reasons why to choose Twigsystem access control software

Flexible and scalable

Easy to use

High data security

Open for integration

Application Re-engineering

Flexible and scalable

Our access control solution can easily grow with the needs of the customer. The software is offered in three pre-configured software bundles for different sized enterprises: Lite, Plus and Professional. The bundles offer each a large range of cardholders and doors enabling an easy upgrade when your organization grows. Since no hardware needs replacing, increasing the system size is very cost-efficient. This outstanding scalability makes the software a truly future-proof investment.

Application Enhancement

Easy to use

The configuration of our access control software is easy: existing floor maps are imported into the system and icons are dragged and dropped to represent controllers, doors and building objects on the map view. Onboarding is straightforward: enrollment and assignment of access rights are all implemented in one dialog manager, even the registration of biometric data, for instance facial recognition. The data of several thousand cardholders held in legacy or HR systems can also be quickly imported with just a few clicks, thanks to the importer / exporter tool. The possibility to create access profiles with a certain scope of access privileges makes the assignment of authorizations simple, as it is not necessary to assign every single authorization to the cardholder but just one pre-defined role profile. To facilitate easy selection of available readers and controllers from the Twigsystem product catalogue, they are displayed with product photo and CTN number in the device configuration.

Application Support

High data security

Twigsystem applies the highest standards with regard to data security and (GDPR compliant) privacy protection. To protect against cybercrime and the loss of personal data, all communication is encrypted at all stages. Our access control software also has trusted digital certificates for mutual authentication between server and client and uses secure design principles such as ‘secure-by-default’ and ‘principle of least privilege’. Your data is definitely safe with the industry-leading Twigsystem products.

Key Principals we Follow

Open for integration

Flexibility and openness are very important to us. We designed our system to offer full integration functionality, while remaining as reliable and safe as you are used to with Twigsystem. A REST based API (REST API) is available to allow third party developers to design applications. This way you can offer much faster complete solutions to your customers.

Integration examples

Video management

Intrusion alarm management

Facility management (mobile apps)

Identity management (workflow based)

Visitor and supplier management

Guard tour management

Safety and personnel protection

Time and attendance management

Mobile and biometric reader integration

Parking and occupancy management

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