Inventory Management System to Achieve Higher Operational Excellence

Being a leading power-packed inventory management software solution platform across the globe, Twigsystem allows to track inventory across multiple warehouse locations, scrutinize inventory reports, get quick updates on items with low stock, and more. Trusted by leading businesses, the system is integrated with the barcode system that ensures smooth order processing throughout the supply chain. Say goodbye to the headaches of manual inventory management and hello to a world of streamlined, stress-free operations.

Features of Twigsystem’s Inventory Management Software to Scale Up Your

SKU/Item Level Bundling

Introduce your product assortments in combo packs with bundling. This will allow you to show your products to a larger customer base

Order Routing

Manage orders efficiently for a definite sales channel. Moreover, you can also update and replenish the stock on a daily basis.

Inventory Slotting

Reorganize inventory based on season and demand, such as moving low-velocity items to the back


Shipments can be sorted based on orders using pigeonhole sorting for individual shipments and bundled sorting for bundled and bulk orders.

Custom Alerts

Get alerts on your current workflow by tracking stock-related information, ensuring you receive timely email alerts tailored to your specific needs.

Vendor Management

Enable clients to effortlessly onboard and manage vendors for seamless product procurement.


Use system-generated barcodes or QR codes to assign unique identifiers to each unit and track its location within the warehouse.

ERP Integration

Facilitate smooth flow of information between multiple systems through a streamlined workflow for inventory management.

Returns and Replacement

Efficiently manage return products (CIRs and RTOs), with streamlined decision-making on restocking and providing timely replacements.

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